What is HERS Rating & How do We Benefit on Cape Cod?

One of the most effective ways to make a home on Cape Cod energy efficient is to ensure your home has the best HVAC system installed. And without question, one of the best ways to determine if your house is a ‘green one’ is to verify the HERS rating. Along with Energy Star® ratings, staying within the HERS index is the best way for a home owner to reduce the amount of energy used to keep their home warm in winter – and cool during the hot summer months. But what exactly is the HERS index rating and why is it important in Massachusetts?

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about HERS Rating:

Question #1 – What is a HERS Rating?

The HERS index is a naturally recognized rating system that measures a home’s overall energy performance. In layman’s terms; it’s like a Mile Per Gallon rating on a car that helps home owners determine how ‘efficient’ their homes’ overall performance is. Based on several different tests, this HERS index score will give prospective home buyers a good idea how much their monthly energy bills will be with the current home configuration. This allows anyone looking to build or buy a retirement home on Cape Cod with a solid foundation in which to budget. Basically, the better the HERS rating, the more energy efficient the home will be and the less money you’ll spend on monthly utility bills.

Question #2 – What Factors are included in Home Energy Rating?

A typical HERS rating is completed by a professional HVAC inspection company and monitors several factors that involve keeping a home energy efficient including:

  • Testing the air duct system for leaks
  • Determining the percentage of leakage of warm air through the ductwork and insulation
  • How effective the inside walls and ceilings are for insulating heat in winter and cold during summer
  • Considering any potential fire hazards
  • Checkout out the integrity of any other variables including attics, crawlspace and basements if applicable.

When the results are analyzed, this give the home an overall HERS rating that will determine how efficient the home is currently – and also provide home owners with a proactive plan to improve their overall HERS rating.

Question #3 – Why is a Good HERS Rating Important on Cape Cod?

When the Residential Energy Services Network created the HERS index in 2006, the purpose was to give a baseline standard for creating an energy efficient home on Cape Cod and other locations. This placed an emphasis on overall home quality for home builders and increased the energy efficiency of many new homes built. When your HERS index is lower, the more energy efficient your home will be. Conversely, when you have a high HERS index rating, this means your home will have to use more resources to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The overall impact this has for Cape Cod residents can impact their health and their pocket book. This is why many quality home builders like Southport take proactive measures to ensure each new home they build is extremely energy efficient.

In short – having a home on Cape Cod be as energy efficient as possible is extremely important – especially if you’re retired and living on a fixed income. Not only will an energy efficient home located on Cape Cod help to protect your health, but it will also help save money on monthly utility bills.

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