Ways to de-clutter Your Home in a Cape Cod Retirement Community

A sidelight and transom windows provide extra lighting in the front entrance foyer.Over time, even the most organized people tend to obtain a little clutter. It’s a fact that people tend to become attached to their personal possessions. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to list your prized possession on Craigslist or give them away to family members quite yet. In fact, there are several little things that you can do to de-clutter your home that is cost effective and relatively simple to complete.

Here are three tips for organizing your home that will help you reduce the amount of clutter inside your home – while interjecting a little bit of style into your home.

Tip #1 – Take an Inventory of All Collectible Items

The first thing you’d want to accomplish before making any type of moving or redecorating plans is to take inventory of what you’d consider to be clutter. The best way to accomplish this is to work room-to-room and create a list of items in three separate sections:

–        Items that need to stay in the room

–        Items that need to be stored away and protected

–        And the third and most difficult section – the “I don’t know” department.

Once you’ve created a list for each room, you’ll want to move into phase two of the clearing the clutter project.

Tip #2 – Pack Away Items in the ‘To Be Stored Section’

After you’ve created a good list of all the items in each room you’ll then want to move forward by packing away some of the most prized possessions that should be stored for future use. The best way to accomplish this is to visit your local grocery store and see if they have any empty boxes that you can use to pack your collectible items away. Depending on the fragility of these items, you’ll want to ensure you protect them from potential damage with bubble wrap or some really strong newspaper or cardboard. If you have a garage or storage inside your retirement home on Cape Cod, carefully stack these boxes away.

Tip #3 – Create a Decorative Shelving System for ‘I don’t know’ items

Do you remember that third section called “I don’t know” – well, here is the fun part. Many new home owners take pride in being creative with their decorative ideas. If you have a lot of little items, one way you can proudly display them; while removing clutter is by creating a decorative shelving system. Most of the clutter that we have collected over the years tends to be small, nick-knack items. There is a perfect solution that will allow you to proudly display these collectibles in a unique and creative way; create stylistic shelving. Many of today’s local hardware stores sell easy to install shelving that attaches to walls. Take some time to find a shelving system that is easy to install, or contact a local home improvement expert to see if they can custom build a nice shelving system.

As you can see, removing clutter from your home does not have to include yard sales or giving away your prized possessions to strangers – especially when you’ve become attached to these items. Simply take time to organize, strategize and plan to display your collectible items and you’ll find creative and cost effective ways to keep your items organized for years to come.

The homes at Southport retirement community feature full basements with plenty of storage space that the homeowners love.  The single-level designs feature a partially finished lower level, but still have sufficient room to store lawn furniture, recreational equipment and other collectible items like furniture and clothes.