Top Spots for Cape Cod Photography

Thanks to the convenience of digital cameras, the number of people taking up photography as a hobby has grown by leaps and bounds. Even a decent quality point-and-shoot camera lets you learn more about the skills of photography, and you may soon find yourself exploring the world of DSLR and lenses and looking for any excuse to take a photo. When you live in a Cape Cod retirement community like Southport, there are so many places to go to take great photos that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Sunsets, architecture, and nature are just a few of the amazing photography possibilities Cape Cod does so well. Here are some places you’ll want to explore with camera in hand.

Right in Mashpee, you’ve got the beautiful Lowell Holly Reservation, a 135-acre nature reservation filled with rhododendrons, mountain laurel and the holly trees from which the reserve gets its name. Carriage roads and foot trails take you past the two freshwater ponds with beautiful sandy shorelines. Open from sunrise to sunset, the reserve is an excellent photography location year round.

Beaches always offer an array of photographic options, from sunrises and sunsets to sand dunes, or even dogs out for early walks in the morning. One spot to consider is Dowses Beach, in Osterville, particularly at low tide. You will find fantastic sand textures, not to mention plenty of starfish and sand dollars.

Falmouth Harbor offers beautiful views that anyone will enjoy, with or without a camera, and the harbor itself is full of great shots all year long, from boats to Christmas lights. Meanwhile, the sunsets at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth are likely to take your breath away on a regular basis, as they glow gold and orange. Seeing the shifting colors show up in your photos will make the trip more than worthwhile.

Finally, in Barnstable, Sandy Neck Beach offers beautiful water scenes, stunning sunsets, and don’t forget the Sandy Neck Lighthouse. Of course, there’s no shortage of lighthouses to photograph, and for many, getting the perfect shot of each lighthouse on Cape Cod is a favorite long-term project.

Really, anywhere in Cape Cod is a dream come true when it comes to photography and you’ll find bridges, boats, cottages, a few old ruins, seasonal displays and so much more to photograph. The Southport Cape Cod retirement community is perfectly located to take advantage of numerous great photographic hot spots, including their own walking trails, so you’ll never run out of scenes and scenery to capture.