Top 7 Eco Friendly Hotels While Traveling

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One of the best perks to retirement is the freedom that comes with traveling abroad. A growing trend in vacationing across America is to visit locations that offer eco-friendly hotels. And for those who live at Southport, the best active adult community in MA, there are several locations here in the US and US islands that not only showcase eco-friendly travel, but are located in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

Here are our top 7 eco-friendly hotels that anybody who loves to travel should place on their bucket list.

The Proximity Hotel – Greensboro, North Carolina

It’s well understood that North Carolina is one of those US States that you simply must visit sometime during your life. However, one of the nicest places to stay while visiting Greensboro and the greater Winston-Salem area is the Proximity Hotel. The Proximity Hotel is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum rated hotel that includes a relaxing restaurant on the rooftop that is heavily vegetated. What makes this hotel especially ‘green’ is that 60% of the hotel’s energy comes by way of natural sources such as solar panels.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada

A mainstay of visiting Las Vegas is taking at least one day to explore the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. And if you’re planning on heading to Vegas for some rest & relaxation or some excitement and entertainment, one of the most eco-friendly hotels is the Mandarin Oriental, a new property that is a part of MGM / Mirage City Center. The eco-friendly features of the Mandarin include furnishings that are all toxin-free, lighting inside rooms use compact CFL light bulbs, and the hotel’s façade is designed to block heat while maximizing natural lighting. When you combine these and other attributes, it equates to a very relaxing place to stay while in Vegas.

Inn by the Sea – Crescent Beach, Maine

Located not too far from Southport’s over 55 community is Inn by the Sea located in Crescent Beach, Maine. This beautiful inn focuses on local elements to keep it eco-friendly. All cleaning products are non-toxic while your hotel amenities are packaged in 100% recycled material. Plus, you’ll stay comfortably warm in winter as all heat comes from solar energy and biofuel sources.

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole – Teton Village, Wyoming

Besides the fact that Jackson Hole is one of nature’s best projects, it also boasts some of the nicest places to stay. The Hotel Terra Jackson Hole is a LEED certified hotel that depends on wind, solar and hydro power for electricity. Comfort is maximized during your stay due to an advanced heating and cooling system that is monitored by a complex computer system for maximum comfort – while saving energy.

h2hotel – Healdsburg, California

If you’re traveling to wine country near Sonoma, California you must stay at the h2hotel in Healdsburg. A unique eco-friendly feature of this destination is that its roof has a filtration system that stores rainwater for use within the hotel. Plus, the hotel is happy to furnish you with a bicycle during your stay so you can travel ‘eco-smart’.

Concordia Eco Resort – St. John, Virgin Islands

Outside of the continental United States, but just a short flight away is the Concordia Eco Resort in St. John, USVI. Besides being located in paradise, the Concordia includes an eco-tent concept – which is similar to staying in a luxurious tree-house. Standard units here include composting toilets, solar-heated showers and electricity that is powered by a photovoltaic 12-volt system.

Hix Island House – Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico – it’s a place you should visit at least once. Many people travel to Puerto Rico before heading out on a cruise. If you do, stay at the Hix Island House. This eco-friendly location operates 100% on solar power. It also recycles rainwater and captures cooling trade winds to keep the internal temperatures very comfortable.