Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Deck or Porch

Just about every home at Southport, including the handful of brand new homes still remaining, includes a front porch or back deck for your fine-weather enjoyment. The outdoor spaces are a popular place for friends to gather, further strengthening the sense of community and friendship that makes Southport such an appealing retirement community in MA. To keep your deck or porch looking its best, here are some tips for creating a space you and your friends will enjoy.

As spring rolls around, it’s time to sweep away all of the winter debris. The best way to start is by removing all of the furniture, plant pots and anything else on the deck to give you easy access to the space. Then thoroughly sweep the space, rinse it with a hose, and spot treat and scrub any stains or oily spots.

Next it’s time to wash your patio furniture. Even if it’s been covered, you should give it a wipe down to freshen it for the new season. If your furniture is looking a bit scratched or dull, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint if appropriate. You can always choose a new color to give it a whole new look. Don’t forget to wash any cushion covers and textiles that can be cleaned or replace anything damaged or too dirty to be properly cleaned.

Plenty of people enjoy getting together in the evening to socialize with friends, so don’t forget to add some attractive lighting so that you can talk long into the evening. Solar lamps are a great addition, or string up strands of small lights for a feeling of enchantment. Groupings of candles and lanterns also add an atmospheric touch.

Finally, check your plants and get rid of dead ones and plant new ones for pops of color or lush foliage. Don’t forget that some plants are helpful in repelling certain insects, so consider placing pots of these plants strategically around your porch or deck to help keep the pests away from you and your guests.

Choose furniture and decorations that make your deck as comfortable and inviting as your living room. Not only will you expand your living space, you’ll have an ideal setting for enjoying your retirement and building new friendships at this outstanding retirement community in MA. Every day will feel like a wonderful vacation at Southport.