The Importance of Staying Fit After 55

Some people have been fit and active all of their life, meaning that moving into one of the retirement communities in MA, such as Southport, simply offers more opportunities to remain active. For others, physical activities haven’t been a priority and the weight has started to build up, along with the aches and pains. Fortunately, even when you’re over 50, it’s more than possible to get into great shape, leaving you feeling strong and healthy to continue an active and entertaining lifestyle for years to come.

Unless you’re someone with the automatic drive to workout daily, it’s best to schedule your workouts like regular appointments that you wouldn’t think of missing. Even more importantly for some, schedule those workouts with a friend you can count on and who can count on you. By holding each other accountable, you’re more likely to follow through. Plus, there’s the comradery that comes from working out with a friend, no matter what the activity. By making exercise a daily part of your life and developing a support group, you’ll soon see and feel results.

Best of all, by living in a retirement community like Southport, not only do you have a wealth of fitness options, but you also have plenty of like-minded people to become your exercise buddy. Part of the key to staying active is finding a form of exercise that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be exercise classes or weight machines, although Southport offers a full array of both options. It can be as simple as walking. After all, walking is a great low-impact exercise for just about anyone and a great way to start getting into shape. Plus, Southport has nearly three miles of walkways along their quiet streets and the scenic, wooded nature trail planned along Martha Pond.

From the indoor heated pool to the outdoor pool that has just opened for the season, pools are a great form of exercise from swimming to water aerobics classes. In addition, Southport has an excellent 9-hole golf course, tennis courts, yoga classes that are excellent for balance and strength, and even bocce and shuffleboard. Even less active sports and games are a step in the right direction because they mean you’re moving, rather than sitting on the sofa.

Take advantage of the many health classes available at Southport, as well as the outings available to enjoy kayaking, sailing, hiking and generally enjoying the outdoors. Southport’s setting amid the natural beauty of Cape Cod makes it one of the best retirement communities in MA and a perfect place to stay active for decades to come.