The Holiday Spirit Takes Over Southport

The holidays are fast approaching and Southport is ready for the festivities. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply enjoy the lights, decorations, and fun of the season, it’s hard not to feel full of good cheer no matter where you look at Southport. With the holiday spirit in full swing, it’s no wonder Southport is one of the best places to retire in MA.

Throughout the year, Southport’s Garden Club decorates the community for various holidays and seasons, but come December, they go all out. They spread holiday cheer throughout the community, decorating everything from the 32,000-square-foot Village Center clubhouse to the three model homes. Each model home receives a special decorating theme: Traditional/Classic, Hanukkah, and Cape Cod Christmas. The decorations went up at the beginning of December and stay up through the New Year.

If you haven’t set up your holiday decorations yet, or want to add a few new decoration ideas to your own home, the clubhouse and the model homes offer a wealth of decoration inspiration. The Southport homes are ideal for decorating, with their large windows and fireplace mantels. An electric candle in every window adds warmth and cheer, but you can also take advantage of the rows of windows in your home by hanging a winter wreath in the center of each window.

Boughs of evergreens are perfect for your fireplace mantel, adding beauty and a wonderful scent to your living room. Hang personalized stockings or place your menorah on the mantel, or simply arrange a collection of candles of different heights. A mix of blue and white candles or candles in varying shades of blue creates an elegant display that suits the season.

Don’t forget your dining table centerpiece. Gold-tipped pine cones gathered in a miniature sleigh, large candles wrapped in festive ribbon, and holiday-themed table runners are just some of the ways you can bring the holidays into your dining area.

Whether you go all out or choose a few simple but spirited decorations, it’s hard to feel like Scrooge when Southport is sparkling with seasonal cheer. Invite your neighbors over for a glass of eggnog or gather round the fireplace sitting area in the Village Center and you’ll soon feel the warmth of friendship that makes Southport one of the best places to retire in MA.