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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Deck or Porch

Just about every home at Southport, including the handful of brand new homes still remaining, includes a front porch or back deck for your fine-weather enjoyment. The outdoor spaces are a popular place for friends to gather, further strengthening the sense of community and friendship that makes Southport such an appealing retirement community in MA. […]

Top Spots for Cape Cod Photography

Thanks to the convenience of digital cameras, the number of people taking up photography as a hobby has grown by leaps and bounds. Even a decent quality point-and-shoot camera lets you learn more about the skills of photography, and you may soon find yourself exploring the world of DSLR and lenses and looking for any […]

Floor Plan Profile: The Hyannisport

At Southport, each picturesque private neighborhood calls to mind the charm and beauty of Cape Cod. Winding sidewalks, well-manicured lawns, curving streets and cul de sacs, as well as award-winning home designs like The Hyannisport, all complement the environment that has been designed to make the most of the existing natural beauty of this 254-acre […]