Stay Fit to Make the Most of Your Senior Years

55+ communities in Massachusetts

January brings about plenty of resolutions to get fit and be more active. In some ways, retirement brings about the same determination to make changes for the better and try new things. There’s fresh potential waiting for you if you just reach out and embrace it. With Southport, a sought-after Massachusetts retirement community, you can improve your fitness and explore a wealth of activities and entertainment to make your retirement some of your absolute best years.

Southport offers a broad array of amenities, activities, and outings, but to truly enjoy them all, it helps to be in shape. After all, a long walk along the local beaches isn’t much fun if you’re too winded or tired to go more than a short distance. In addition, staying fit helps protect you from everything from silent strokes and dangerous falls to providing better mental acuity. Fortunately, Southport’s many amenities include an extensive health and fitness center. Along with yoga, aerobics, water aerobics, strength, and conditioning classes, you’ll find the latest cardio and strength-training equipment and certified instructors to lead you through classes designed to meet every fitness level. They can help you understand the right types of exercise for you and help you understand what your limits should be and which limits you can try to push past.

When you add in the year-round, indoor heated swimming pool, the outdoor heated pool, as well as the hot tub and overall facilities that easily compare to a resort-style setting, you quickly understand why Southport is a national award-winning Massachusetts retirement community.

But staying active and fit isn’t just about repetitions on strength machines or taking lots of exercise classes. It’s also about finding activities that you enjoy doing on a daily basis. Within the Southport community, you can enjoy golf, tennis, lawn games, and the sports lounge. You’re also perfectly located to enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer, including walks along the beaches, swimming, sailing, kayaking, wind surfing, fishing, hiking, cycling, jogging, or any wonderful combination of them all, paired with a picnic and some friends.

The key is to remain fit and healthy through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Southport provides so many fitness and health opportunities, as well as ways to simply have fun, that staying active won’t be a chore; it will be just another way to make the most of your retirement years.