Southport’s 5th Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Veterans make up a number of the residents of Southport, the leading Cape Cod retirement community. Even those who didn’t serve in the armed forces still appreciate the service and sacrifice of these brave individuals. That’s why many of the charitable events at Southport benefit veterans in some form or another. Now, for the fifth year in a row, the community is hosting its annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony.

For the past four years, this special ceremony has grown year by year, with the total attendance at more than 350 people last year, resulting in standing-room only — but with plenty of attendees more than happy to stand! The event’s reputation for its heartfelt recognition of the service of Southport residents has made this a truly important event that is not to be missed.

This year, the Fifth Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony will take place November 11 at 11 a.m. in the Bonvie Grand Ballroom. The moving ceremony recognizes all of the Southport residents who have served their country in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, as well as non-wartime service.

In addition to the community’s service members, the Southport Veteran’s Committee invites veterans organizations from the Mashpee community. For the third year, the Heroes in Transition (HIT) organization, and its founders, gold-star parents Cindy and Ken Jones, are invited to this moving event. The Southport Veteran’s Committee collaborates frequently with HIT on various projects to offer support services to veterans, especially those living with PTS or PTSD, as well as aiding in fundraising for the organization’s Service Pet placement program. The Service Pet program is one that Southport’s Ron Bonvie and the Southport community have contributed to extensively and frequently. Mr. Bonvie will be presenting the Jones family with another substantial check this year.

As part of the ceremony, the Southport Singers choral group, which is led by Judy Bergh, will lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and will perform a variety of patriotic songs, including the Star Spangled Banner. A truly touching part of the ceremony is the presentation of a flag from each branch of the military to a service member or their loved one. This year also includes a very special guest of honor, United States Air Force pilot, Major Kristen Cepak. She is the daughter of Southport residents Kathleen and Denis Causabon. During her keynote speech, she will share her experiences as a U-28 pilot during her seven deployments to Afghanistan, Africa, and the Philippines.

This will be a truly special event at this Cape Cod retirement community, so don’t miss your chance to honor all of those at Southport and beyond who have served their country with pride.