Southport Launches New Website & Blog

Southport website

In the digital age we live today, it is highly critical to evolve and improve an online presence to address a single concern – always strive to provide more complete; yet easy to access information for your prospective buyers. And as more people actively search online for a trustworthy retirement community, the team at Southport’s national award-winning active adult community in Massachusetts prescribes to this notion by launching a new, highly-user friendly website and blog designed to educate, inform and enlighten anybody searching for the perfect Massachusetts retirement community online.

The new website designed and powered by Carlson Communications, a leading provider of full-service communication services for several industries, provides all visitors to the Southport website that are looking for a reliable Massachusetts retirement community several interactive features including:

  • Easy to access photo galleries, videos and community maps.
  • Detailed floor plan information; including interactive photos and videos to provide a real-world inspection of the property.
  • Complete access via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Online technical support from real people; ready to answer any questions you have.
  • A complete Lifestyle section which outlines several of the properties amenities, activities and health and wellness events.
  • The detailed “Explore Cape Cod” section which provides detailed information about Cape Cod including heath, dining, shopping and social activities.
  • A unique platform to actually ask the input of current residents of Southport.

The new Southport website also provides visitors with a highly educational blog powered by Creating WOW Communications. The online blog is filled with loads of information for anybody searching for a retirement community in Massachusetts area including:

  • Great information on local services, special events calendars and exciting events happening within the Southport community and surrounding areas.
  • Highly educational articles on positive retirement, learning to live a higher quality of life and tips on maximizing your time and resources while living in Southport.
  • Frequent social media driven content, allowing you to interact with the team at Southport via your Facebook and Twitter accounts and share this information with your friends.

The professional team at Southport has built a sterling reputation for providing quality in everything they build. And this quality is extended to the online resources they provide anybody looking to find that perfect community for them to retire on today’s internet. Take some time to visit the new, improved and extremely user-friendly website and feel free to contact us to let us know how we can improve your online experience.