Seven New Ideas for Christmas Tree Themes

Massachusetts active adult community

No matter what day you put up your Christmas tree, decorating the tree is a popular tradition for many people, including the homeowners of a Massachusetts active adult community such as Southport. Many families decorate with a mishmash of ornaments collected over the years, but some people also enjoy decorating trees with a specific theme. Whether you have one tree or many in your home, here are seven new ideas for creating a Christmas tree theme that is fun and beautiful.

  1. Winter White: Although live trees are a traditional favorite, artificial trees are an excellent choice for special themes. A white tree serves as a beautiful backdrop for ornaments. A few simple metallic-colored ornaments, mixed with white tulle ribbons and white lights, create an elegant focal piece.
  2. Candy Red: If you prefer a bit more color, use the white tree as a clear contrast for a tree decorated all in red. Candy canes, red ribbons, and red ornaments really pop on the white background.
  3. Snowman Style: There’s no reason that you have to limit your tree to normal decorations and ornaments. A white tree is the perfect base to create a snowman tree. A few dark round ornaments for buttons down the center, a red scarf, a round foam head decorated to look like a snowman’s face placed on top of the tree, and a hat or cap, create a fun holiday tree alternative.
  4. Whip It Up: Many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so consider a small themed tree in the kitchen, using kitchen utensils for some of the ornaments. This is also a fun way to show off some of your nicer silver cutlery.
  5. Rainbow Bright: Have fun with color and create a rainbow or ombré effect for your tree. Group ornaments of the same color in bands along the tree, either moving through the typical rainbow colors, or create an ombré with one color theme moving from light to dark.
  6. A Novel Interpretation: Not every tree has to actually include a tree. A book lover with a large library of their own may want to try making a round, over-lapping stack of books into a tree shape, with a string of large lights carefully wrapped around. A small “tree” on a stand or side table adds a fun touch of whimsy to any room..
  7. Inventive materials: Books are just one of the items in your home that can be used to create a non-traditional tree. Even small scraps of wood, painted or stained in a variety of colors can be nailed onto a central post to create a very simple yet fun Christmas tree shape. Lines of garland or lights can be tacked up onto the wall into a zigzag tree shape, as well. Let your imagination run wild this year.

Each year during the holidays, Southport’s homeowners, including the garden club which has more than 200 members, decorates the 32,000 square foot Village Center clubhouse to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. They also decorate the three designer model homes and Sales Center with three themes for “Cape Cod Christmas,” “Hanukkah,” and “traditional Christmas.”