Repurpose Old Furniture for New Home in Southport

It seems that the longer we live, the more ‘junk’ we collect. But, there is an old saying that is beginning to take on a new definition – ‘one man’s junk is another one’s treasure’. However, the new spin is transforming your old furniture or items you’d once consider junk into decorative design elements into your new home in Southport. In fact, you’ll be surprised how many creative ways you can repurpose your old furniture and items that become highlights and accents of design features of any new home.

Here are a few practical and cost-effective ideas of transforming your old junk into new use for any new home.

Tip #1 – Create a Cabinet Door Mantel Decorative Item

Do you have an old piece of cabinet door material sitting in your garage or in the attic collecting dust? If so, a great way to spice up any mantel is to use leftover cabinet doors as a beautiful decorative piece for the mantel in any room. Here is how to accomplish this:

  • Find a good piece of used cabinet door that has some sort of pattern embedded into the wood.
  • Sand the cabinet door with simple sand paper
  • Paint the door to either match the wall where the mantel is installed, or the mantel itself

Once the new decorative piece is painted, place it on the mantel as a background of another collectable item you have. This will allow the item to stand out with a unique and colorful background piece created from a used piece of cabinet door that would otherwise be considered trash when you move into your new place.

Tip #2 – Recycled Headboard into Hanging Rack

How about that used headboard from the older bed you’ve had stored in the basement for the past few years and found itself on the moving truck to your new home located in Southport? Well, here is an idea of what to do with this piece of ‘junk’.

  • Measure a section on your entry wall that you’d like to create a coat rack and cut the headboard to fit this area.
  • Sand and Paint the headboard with an accent color that will match the walls of the room where it will be installed.
  • Buy some hanging racks or hooks from the local hardware store and install them onto the headboard – attach to the wall using wall anchors or drilling into studs.

Now, you have a clever and unique coat rack that will spice up the look of your new home – simply by using an old headboard and buying a few dollars of material.

Tip #3 – Up-Cycle Old Frames into Beautiful Designs

There are other tips for upgrading the look of your new home at Southport that don’t require large tools, or big pieces of old furniture. How about transforming your old picture frames into a stylish frame to highlight your family and friends. Here is a great way to accomplish this task using household items and a few supplies from a decorating store:

  • Find an old picture frame that is not cracked.
  • Buy some antiquing glaze and polyurethane spray from a decorating store or hardware store. You can also use aluminum foil from home.
  • Take the glass out of the frame and decorate the picture frame with the aluminum foil, the antiquing glaze and then spray with a clear coat of the polyurethane spray: (always best to do that outside).

With a little bit of effort and some creative design, you’ll now have a picture frame that has pop – and can be used for many different uses. Simply put – there is no reason why you can’t take some of the old junk and create beautiful and practical home décor – with very little expense involved.