Reinvent Yourself in Retirement

By the time you’ve reached retirement, hopefully you know yourself pretty well and like the person that you are. Yet there are often things, both big and small, that many people want to change. Retirement is the perfect time to reinvent yourself as you move into this new phase in your life. Inevitably, you have more free time to dedicate to making those changes, be it a more active lifestyle or a chance to follow through with a passion on something you have always wanted to try or do. Choosing to live in a Cape Cod retirement community like Southport is an excellent starting point in your personal reinvention.

Working full time and raising a family often leaves little time for people to explore their own interests. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write, but never had the time or energy to dedicate to it. With retirement, now is the perfect time to start letting the words flow. Schedule a time every day to sit down and write or follow any other passion you have. If it’s important to you, it is important to make it an official part of your day. Figure out when you feel your most creative and don’t let interruptions derail you.

Writing isn’t the only creative way to express and reinvent yourself. Arts and crafts, be they quilting, pottery, woodworking, painting or any other medium can all be explored, especially at places like Southport where there are a number of classes and on-site places where you can learn, explore, and experience a whole new world of creativity.

For some people, reinvention comes in the form of physical changes. Maybe you’ve let the weight add up and have turned into a champion couch potato. Retirement is the perfect time to make improvements to your physical well-being. Getting back into shape could lessen the risk of many health issues as you get older. A retirement community like Southport features a fully-equipped fitness center with cardio and strength training equipment, as well as exercise classes for every fitness level with certified instructors.

Southport and Cape Cod also offer plenty of other ways to stay active, ranging from the on-site heated swimming pools, tennis courts, and nine-hole golf course, as well as the opportunities to sail, kayak, hike, bike, wind surf and more throughout the Cape Cod area. Even daily walks on the beautiful beaches are a wonderful way to get moving. Have you always fancied yourself as a sporty or outdoorsy kind of person? Now is your chance!

Finally, for some people, reinvention simply means getting out into the world more and making an effort to connect with people. A Cape Cod retirement community like Southport is the perfect place to give yourself a chance to meet new people and make new friends. With all of the events, classes, and general social gathering areas, it’s easy to meet people. In fact, the close friendships that are made at Southport are among the things that people rave about the most. If you want to try something new but are feeling hesitant, you can probably find someone else also interested and you can encourage each other to try new things and become the person you always really wanted to be.