Popular Homeowner Activities at Southport

With weekly activities ranging from aerobics to gin rummy and to special events held each month, Southport offers its homeowners a wealth of activities. This emphasis on offering people a rich and varied social life makes Southport one of the leading Massachusetts over 55 communities.

Every day, there’s always something going on to give you a great excuse to get out of your home and make new friends or catch up with existing friends. Whether you’re looking to keep in shape or just have a fun time, there’s something for everyone.

A growing number of those over 55 are serious about their physical wellbeing, staying active through a variety of sports and exercise programs. Southport offers aerobics, yoga, strength and stretch, water fitness, dance and burn (low impact and hand weights), and tai chi, to name a few. These activities are in addition to the full fitness center and its programs.

Of course, there are plenty of social activities as well. You’ll find daily activities that include coffee mornings, Bible study, and needle arts groups. There are also plenty of games to challenge you, including Texas Hold ‘Em, Mahjong, billiards, cribbage, gin rummy, poker, Scrabble, and board games.

Along with these weekly activities, there are special events held each month ranging from movie Sundays to special guest performers. This month, Southport is having its own Antiques Roadshow, hosted by Falmouth Antiques. People can have their items appraised and the fees for appraisal are going to Heroes in Transition, as part of Southport’s regular charity events. In a similar vein, another of the special events this month is an indoor Scavenger Hunt. Teams will search for items found in and around Southport, with cash prizes going to the winning teams. And of course, since it’s October, there will be a great Halloween party to cap off the month, with socializing and a showing of the classic Ghostbusters film.

These are just a few of the events that residents of Southport enjoy on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you’re considering moving to one of the Massachusetts over 55 communities, come visit Southport any time. Thedesigner models are open every day from 9:00 to 4:00. You can speak with the homeowner “Ambassadors” who will happily answer your questions about life at Southport. We think you’ll like what you see and hear!