Organizing Sentimental Clutter for your New Home in Southport

When you move into a new home in Southport, one of the hardest parts of preparing for the move is organizing the special or sentimental items you’ve collected over the years. And although you’d love to bring everything in your older home to the new place, the truth is that sometimes it becomes important to determine what sentimental items stay, and which ones should be packed away for safe keeping. If this is something you’re dealing with, don’t fret. Here are a few helpful hints for organizing your sentimental clutter before you move into your new home in Southport and surrounding communities.

Step One – Enlist Some Help from Family or Friends

The first step to organizing sentimental items is realizing that sometimes working alone can be counterproductive. The primary reason for this is not the physical work involved in packing items, but the emotional drain that occurs to making the decision as to what comes along for the move – and what get packed for storage. That’s why a first great step is to plan a day to accomplish this important step by enlisting the help of a close friend or relative who can help you with this project.

Step Two – Pack All Items into Boxes and Label Them

Once you’ve found some friends to help you with this process, the next thing you should do is create an organizational method that will separate items into two categories:

  • Items heading to the new home
  • Items heading to storage

The best way to accomplish this physically is to make two piles of boxes for packing, that are all clearly marked as going to the  new home, or heading to storage. When you find an item that you’d like to keep at the new house, have your friends place it in that designated box. And vice-versa, if you’ve found an item that should be protected for safe keeping, make sure you pack that away with care and place it in boxes designated for storage.

Step Three – Enjoy the Moment; Take Pictures and Work in Short Shifts

Finally, the final step in organizing sentimental items is to take time to enjoy these moments. A great tip is to take pictures with a digital camera of items that you’ll place into storage, so you can have a visual record of them, share with friends and family via the internet or keep on your computer. Also, it’s a great idea to spread this task over an extended time, so work in short shifts then take a break. It will help your mind, emotions and your back from extensive workload.

Moving into a new home in Southport is the beginning of a new life – especially when you’re getting ready to retire. Make sure to begin this move by keeping your sentimental items organized and in great condition so that others can appreciate them as much as you do.