Non-profit Charity Profile: Heroes In Transition

From the developer of Southport on Cape Cod to the residents that make up this amazing community, everyone seems to get involved in charitable work. There are individual fundraisers and volunteer work, and there is also work done to support certain charities throughout the community. One such non-profit charity is Heroes in Transition, which has even helped some of the residents of Southport.

Heroes in Transition is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization that recognizes those who have served or who are serving our country, by providing appropriate assistance in key areas. The help they focus on providing is home modification for disabled veterans, transitional support group therapy, financial support for service families, and assistance dogs for veterans with PTSD/traumatic brain injury. Their goal is to provide the kind of assistance that isn’t readily available from other organizations.

One area of particular interest to Southport residents is the ability to provide highly trained assistance dogs specifically selected to meet the needs of the veteran. Veterans actively participate in the training, which takes place on the Cape by nationally recognized trainer, Matt Noone.

One of the veterans to receive one of their service dogs is Charles D. Warry, who served four years in the US Army and who received a Bronze Star for serving 300 days in Vietnam. Mr. Warry is also a 15-year resident of Southport, along with his wife of 49 years, Patricia. Mr. Warry experienced seizures brought on from PTSD while he was still serving in Vietnam and has faced difficult challenges since then in receiving the right diagnosis and treatment. One new element that is helping to calm him during his post-traumatic stress episodes if the presence of Southie, a two-year-old rescue cocker spaniel provided by Heroes in Transition.

Mr. Warry became the recipient of Southie through the work of Heroes in Transition, as well as his fellow residents at Southport on Cape Cod. For the past two years, the Southport Veterans Committee has held a triathlon sporting event to benefit a veteran within the community. This unique triathlon included competitors going up for bocce, shuffleboard, and golf. They were able to raise $8,000, which members decided should go toward getting a service dog for Mr. Warry. Southport developer Ronald Bonvie then donated an additional $5,000.

At the recent Southport Veterans Day Celebration, Mr. Warry and more than 100 other veterans residing at Southport were honored for their service, including two who served during World War II. Bonvie, Southport’s developer, provided Heroes in Transition with an additional donation to thank them for the outstanding work they do for all veterans.