The Many Benefits of Golf for Retirees

Golf at Over 55 Communities in Massachusetts

One of the frequently anticipated perks of retirement for many people is the chance to play more golf. Green grass, sunny weather, a nice walk, fun with friends, and maybe a drink at the end of a round make golf a popular pastime. It’s no wonder that many retirement communities in Massachusetts have their own golf course, like Southport on Cape Cod, or are at least located near one. If you’re thinking about taking up golf or considering joining your significant other out on the course now that you’ve got more free time, you’ll find that there are plenty of benefits to taking up this incredibly popular sport.

One of the obvious benefits is the game’s social aspect. It’s a great way for friends to get together and spend time talking and laughing. For couples who maybe haven’t had as much time to spend together before retirement, it is a way to reconnect and truly enjoy each other’s company. Many partners do take up the sport after retirement so they have a chance to bond and share more time together.

For many retirees, the chance to travel more is another perk of retirement. With a shared interest in golf, trips to outstanding golf courses around the world is a great way to plan your trips. Whether you travel domestically or internationally, you can take in some amazing sights and play some spectacular courses.

Golf may not seem like the most strenuous sport, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good for your health. If you skip the golf cart, you can get in a nice walk playing nine holes. As you take each shot, you also work on your balance and flexibility and give your upper body some exercise. Even if you’re not playing the course, just heading out to the driving range and working on your swing provides a good workout.

A lifetime of playing golf isn’t necessary. Take advantage of the golf courses at retirement communities in Massachusetts and take some classes or work with a golf coach or pro to help you learn the basics and make sure you have proper form.

By taking up the grand sport of golf, the result can be an improvement to your physical and mental health and a whole new world of entertainment opportunities.