Local Cape Cod Reads

Whether you’re part of a book club that meets regularly at Southport or just enjoy curling up on your own with a good book, you’ll find plenty of reading inspiration from local Cape Cod authors. Residents of 55 plus communities in MA may even know a few of these authors or may be encouraged by reading them to try their hand at writing their own Cape Cod novel. Here are a few recent publications from local authors you may find interesting.

For many readers, nothing beats a good mystery and the Cape Cod authors offer up plenty of books to keep you guessing and sleuthing. Bloodroot: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery, by Cynthia Riggs, is the 12th installment of the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery series. Riggs herself is an eighth-generation Vineyard resident and her cozy mystery features 92-year-old poet-sleuth Victoria Trumbull helping out local police investigating the death of a wealthy woman at the dentist’s office.

Residents of 55 plus communities in MA may get a special kick out of Cape Cod: A Neighbor’s Murder, by Roberta Schneiderman. This novel focuses on the death of Mary, who had become something of a mother figure to Judy Weinberger, her neighbor at a 55-plus community. However, when Judy learns about Mary’s secret past of prostitution and more, Judy’s own life is soon at risk.

Retired newspaper employees and anyone with a love of print may want to check out Ward Just’s novel, The Eastern Shore. A resident of Martha’s Vineyard, the author was once a newsman, and his story focuses on Ned Ayers, city editor for his hometown newspaper. After Ayers publishes a story on a local fugitive, the consequences will have an impact on his life and career. Underlying the novel are the issues of accuracy, clarity, balance, and fairness that face all journalists under a deadline.

Finally, art enthusiasts, especially those with a love of Cape Cod-inspired art, will want to get their own copy of Art From Cape Cod: Selections From the Cape Cod Museum of Art, by museum director Edith A. Tonelli and Deborah Forman. Featuring glossy reproductions of works by 122 artists included in the museum, the book explores the work of Cape Cod artists chronologically, starting with John James Audubon, putting the work of each artist into context. The result is a book that is incredibly appealing and informative on its own, that will also enhance future visits to the museum.