How to Get Ready for Spring Golf Season

Golf at Over 55 Communities in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has faced a tough winter this year, and for golf enthusiasts, the extended winter is even more frustrating. It’s hard to get in a few rounds of golf when the greens are covered with snow.. Even if you can’t get out onto the course right now, you can still limber up and get ready for golf season right in your own MA retirement community. Follow these tips and your game will be on par by the time the course is ready.

First, make sure your stamina is ready for walking the 18 holes, although on courses like the one at Southport, golf carts are readily available . If you’ve been a bit sedentary this winter, start taking some walks. Even if the weather outside is still frightful, take advantage of one of the treadmills at the community’s cardio room. You should consider taking a few yoga classes, as well, to help you limber up and improve your flexibility and balance.

Similarly, to further improve your balance and your swing, practice your swing at home, sans balls, of course. Practice your backswings and through swings with your clubs to get your torso moving freely. Take the practice easy, but be consistent. This will get you limbered up and help you avoid pain and sprains come spring golf season. Whether at home in your MA retirement community or at the driving range, don’t forget to hold the finish on your swing to help improve your balance and strength.

To make sure you’ve not fallen into any bad habits, it is worthwhile to take a few professional lessons before the season begins. Even one session having your swing analyzed can create a big improvement in your game. Working with a professional like Southport’s Jesse Schechtman can help you achieve proper form, which leads to a stronger, overall performance.

Finally, don’t forget to give your equipment a good going over to make sure everything is in working order. Give your golf clubs a good dust down and inspection to make sure they’re in good condition. Use warm, soapy water to clean your grips and make sure they’re ready for the new season. Don’t forget to take inventory on your tees and golf balls to ensure you have enough to get you started.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be ready to take advantage of Southport’s very own gem of a golf course this spring. A private, nine-hole course for the exclusive use of Southport homeowners and their guests. No membership fee and no greens fees.