Homemade Cleaners for Green Living at the Best Active Adult Community in MA

We all know that keeping your home clean is often a daily chore. However, what is not easily known is that there are several natural items – many of them that can be found around your home that can make cleaning not only easier – but environmentally friendly. From using baking soda to clean sinks to relying on distilled white vinegar for shining bathroom fixtures, here are a few of the best ways to keep homes built in the best active adult community in MA country fresh.

First – Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has been a traditional item in most kitchens for decades. However, this household fixture is also a multitasking home cleaner. It’s perfect for some of your daily chores without scratching your sinks and tubs. Because of its fine nature, baking soda is great for replacing common cleaning powders. It’s also wonderful for wiping down your refrigerators too. In fact, when you carefully combine it with a little bit of vinegar, you can freshen and prevent drains from clogging.

Second – Using Distilled White Vinegar

Known commonly as a cooking ingredient, the use of distilled white vinegar to keep homes at the best active adult communities in MA fresh and clean is not commonly known. Due to the neutralizing properties in white vinegar, washing windows, sanitizing kitchen counters and shining bathroom fixtures is a snap – and a sure fire way to help reduce your home cleaner budget. Here is how to use this product properly; simply dilute 1 part vinegar in 4 parts water. Place it inside a spray bottle and clean away. Vinegar is also an effective alternative to caustic cleaners on toilets and floors.

Third – Using Hydrogen Peroxide

We all know that if you get cut, using Hydrogen Peroxide is typically the first thing you do to prevent infections. However, did you know that you can use this as an alternative to bleach? Hydrogen Peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent, it works especially well on food, soil, plant, blood and other organic stains. It’s recommended that for each average-size load of whites add 8 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide after you have filled the washer with hot water.

Fourth – Using Salt as an Oven Cleaner

This one tends to scratch some heads. However, because salt is a natural abrasive it’s a perfect natural substitute to potentially harmful kitchen degreasers. It’s also a great item to use if you have fresh carpet stains, including stains from coffee, red wine or ink. Simply pour the salt on the stain, let it soak in, dry and then vacuum it clean. You’ll be very surprised how well this works to keep your floors and ovens spic-and-span.

As you can see, there are many around the home items that can be multiple use items – especially when you’re looking for ‘greener’ ways of cleaning and living at the best retirement community in MA. You can learn more about some natural cleaning methods and materials by clicking this link.