Fun Winter Fitness Options at Southport

Summertime fitness on Cape Cod is all about walking trails, bicycle rides, and games of golf and tennis – all things offered at Southport, Cape Cod’s best retirement community. Just because the cold of Winter has rolled in does not mean you have to throw in the fitness towel! In fact some Southport residents keep warm by working up a sweat in the gym at the Village Center all Winter long. They workout with a private trainer or join their friends in one of the many fitness classes that are offered throughout the year.

The health and wellness center at Southport has it all – circuit training and free weights are there for you to maximize your strength training routine, plus you can choose between the ellipticals, recumbent bikes or treadmills to get your heart rate up and your cardiovascular health into tip-top shape. Wellness coordinators and trainers work with residents to set up routines that are just right for them, and will provide guidance on how to meet personal fitness goals.

For those who are more into group-fitness, Southport offers a range of exercise classes that focus on balance, core strength, and flexibility. Instructors design classes to ensure that anyone can take part, no matter their fitness level, modifying moves and positions to accommodate someone who may be more advanced as well as the person that’s coming off of an injury or just getting back into the routine of working out. The current class schedule includes Water Fitness and Light Water Fitness, taught in the indoor heated pool, Strength and Stretch, Absolutely Abs, Cardio Combo, Chair Cardio, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Easy Does It. If you’re someone who is motivated by the beat of some good music, you’ve got to try Sweating to the Oldies and Dance Fit!

Many Southport residents whose New Year’s resolution was about more than just losing a few pounds, and who want to make some long term lifestyle changes, have chosen to join the Eat Right and Lose It support group too. This group shares recipes, tips and tricks, and anecdotes of small but measurable successes, that motivate each other to keep working toward their goals. You’ll find there are plenty of like-minded people who can help keep you focused when the idea of the treadmill seems like too much work! Plus, studies show it’s easier to stick to a program when you have friends there with you to hold you accountable and encourage you along the way.

So don’t let the cold Winter weather be your excuse for becoming a couch potato! At Southport, Cape Cod’s best retirement community, there are so many ways to stay active, and so many friends to get healthy with, that when Summer rolls around, you ought to be feeling fit and fine and ready to take on the sunshine!