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Margarete Maillho

Margarete Maillho has an extensive history working with Southport homebuyers, having assisted more than 250 buyers in the selection process during her first “tour of duty” (Margarete was born and raised in a military family) working in Southport’s Design Center. Margarete described her return to Southport in 2013 as the Design Coordinator as “coming home.”

“I am excited to be back at Southport and once again working with new homeowners. The experience I gained in assisting in the completion of more than 250 homes during my previous time at the Southport Design Center provided me with an insight for the selection process through the homeowners’ eyes.

“I feel fortunate to be able to work each day in the creation of a new home with all the wonderful people who make Southport possible. I see my role as providing an exciting and fun experience during the design process for our new homeowners.”

After traveling for many years growing up in a military family, Margarete continued to travel extensively throughout her careers in manufacturing, marketing, retail, banking, and real estate development. In addition to her homebuilding experience, she worked with joint venture partners to design foreign manufacturing plants and aid them in planning manpower requirements, not to mention a manufacturing plant expansion on Cape Cod and the design of the new Barnstable Municipal Airport as an Airport Commissioner.

During her initial years at Southport, Margarete was a member of the Southport team for the design and permitting of the final phase of construction, working closely with the developer, architects, interior designers, state and local officials and suppliers.

Margarete’s extensive experience and sincere personality are a perfect combination to ensure that our homeowners will have a memorable experience as they prepare to move to Southport,” he added.

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