Culture, Tradition & Relaxation – Finding that perfect Retirement Community on Cape Cod

One of the biggest life decisions that anybody will make is where to retire. Whether it’s making the decision to travel abroad, or to find a retirement community on beautiful Cape Cod, the fact remains that there are several individual elements that need to be considered before making such a big decision. However, there are several reasons why selecting to retire on Cape Cod is not only smart financially and for relaxation; it’s also a great way to stimulate your creative side as well.

Here are a few specific reasons why choosing to plan your retirement on Cape Cod will be a wise choice.

Reason #1 – The Culture of Cape Cod is Rich

Did you know that the original settlers of Cape Cod were not the European’s that sailed over to America on the Mayflower? In fact, the first people to settle on the Cape were members of the Native American Wampanoag Nation. If you didn’t know this – don’t feel bad. Most people don’t realize that Cape Cod has a rich and highly diverse culture that extends much further than you read in the history books.

Truth be told, there is a lot of culture to discover on Cape Cod. From the traditional architecture, lighthouses and small beach-side villages, to discovering the arts, music and religious history associated with Cape Cod – there is something new to discover daily.

Reason #2 – Sharing in Cape Cod Tradition

Believe it or not, there is much more to do on Cape Cod than simply enjoy fresh seafood. As a matter of fact, the Cape is rich with traditional landmarks that inspire thousands of people each year to visit the Cape – just to check it off their bucket list. Many people that have decided on moving to a retirement community located on Cape Cod enjoy visiting the tidal flats of Cape Cod Bay. While others enjoy spending a spring afternoon by visiting the warmer waters of Buzzard’s Bay and the Nantucket Sound.

There is also a rich artistic community on Cape Cod that is inspired by natural beauty that this region offers. With an art gallery or exhibition common in every seaside town on The Cape, it’s quite possible that you’ll never stop learning or be able to soak in all the art.

Reason #3 – Getting Around the Cape is Easy

As you retire, you’ll quickly discover the benefit of public transportation; especially when it’s efficient as it can be on Cape Cod. The Plymouth & Brockton bus line, with a hub in Hyannis, offers local, inter-city service out to Provincetown and also off the Cape onto Boston. And the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority provides fixed-route and dial-a-ride services throughout the Cape. Many of the buses are equipped with bike storage, so you can take a bicycle along with you to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing bike ride.

Plus – for people who are looking to pick up a part-time job after they’ve retired, living on Cape Cod offers several opportunities – especially during the busy summertime tourist season.

Making the decision to move into a Cape Cod retirement community becomes much easier when you realize all the exciting yet relaxing attributes that Cape living offers any individual or couple. Before you make plans on where to retire – consider living on Cape Cod; as you’ll discover tradition, culture and relaxation all bundled into a beautiful and affordable package.