How to Create a More Organized Bedroom

The master bedrooms in the homes at Southport, a leading Cape Cod retirement community, offer spacious layouts and plenty of closet storage. Yet no matter how much storage you have, it always seems like you’ll need more as things seem to multiply as if by magic. Bedrooms develop an attraction to multiple seasons-worth of clothing, not to mention books, keepsakes, photos, hand creams, clocks, flowers, spare change … See? The list seems to grow all on its own! So here are a few handy ways to try to tame the clutter and keep your bedroom looking organized and serene so you can get a peaceful night’s sleep.

It may seem like you spent years trying to stop your kids from just shoving everything under their bed, but under-bed storage is an excellent way to deal with seasonal clothing, extra sets of bedding, family quilts and other items not in regular use. In some cases, you can purchase a bed frame with storage drawers built right into it. Alternatively, there are plastic storage boxes designed to fit under even the lowest bed frames. If you’re worried about the plastic boxes showing, simply make use of a complementary bed skirt to hide anything you don’t want shown.

Bedside tables are full of ways to add extra storage and organization. If you prefer sleek and elegant tables with long legs, you can always use the open space underneath to artfully place baskets. Those baskets, in turn can be used to hold the decorative pillows on your bed at night or taller baskets can hold books, blankets or a variety of items.

Another option is to look for bedside tables that include drawers for unsightly items, as well as shelves for holding attractive storage boxes, books, photos, and various decorative pieces. The combination of shelves and drawers provides an ideal mix of hiding spots and display areas. Use attractive small bowls and boxes on the top of the bedside table to hold jewelry, small change, watches and similar items.

Finally, don’t forget the foot of the bed. Many homeowners place a bench or a pair of stools at the foot of the bed for comfort and convenience when getting dressed. However, you may want to consider an attractive trunk or storage bench for the area. This provides the convenient seating, but also includes space to store items, such as blankets or even that golf putting-practice kit that your partner doesn’t want left out on display.

They key to keeping your bedroom organized is to look for furniture pieces that are both attractive and serve multiple functions, or at least provide additional storage or display space. Along with the walk-in-closets and linen closets that are part of the master bedroom suites in the Southport homes, these additions will ensure that your corner of this attractive Cape Cod retirement community is orderly and attractive.