Cost-saving Tips for Retirement Travel

When it comes to retirement, the one goal that the majority of retirees have is to travel. From cross-country road trips to around-the-world adventures, big or small, it’s all about travel. Of course, retirement is also when your budget becomes more fixed and those trips must be planned carefully before you head out the door of one of the 55 and over communities in Massachusetts. To help you stretch your dollar, here are some handy cost-saving tips.

First and foremost, look into any possible discounts you can get through groups like AAA, AARP, and general senior discounts that a variety of airlines and businesses offer. In addition, when you get to your destination, see if there are discounts for things like train tickets, dinner prices, or museum passes, even in other countries.

Another good way to stretch your travel dollars and sometimes make travel a little less stressful is by travelling during off-peak times. Off-peak can mean everything from non-summer dates for cities around the world, to simply flying Monday through Wednesday in mid-morning or early afternoon. Both travel and hotel costs during off-peak times are often considerably lower. Plus you don’t have to deal with the same volume of other travellers and tourists.

Inevitably, though, we all tend to spend more on vacation than we mean to, particularly when that perfect souvenir calls to you. It’s best to give your budget a cushion of an extra 20% for unforeseen issues. If you don’t need it, you can carry it over for your next trip. Additionally, you should consider purchasing travel and additional health insurance, particularly if you have any health issues that could flare up and cause your travel to be delayed or that you may need treated overseas.

Finally, if you’re going to be travelling with friends or family, consider a rental home or Airbnb for boarding that may turn out to be more comfortable and less expensive than a hotel. One of the cost-cutting perks is the option of doing some of your own cooking, thus saving on expensive meals out that can quickly add up.

One of the benefits of living in one of the 55 and over communities in Massachusetts like Southport is the fact that the maintenance is taken care of for you. You can simply lock and leave whenever the travel bug strikes. Let Southport make your dreams of travel even easier.