Checklist for Moving into Cape Cod Retirement Communities

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Just like any major life event, the process of moving to Cape Cod retirement communities becomes much easier when you start with organization. And whether you’re simply moving up the street or across the country, there are a few important items that anybody should have on their moving checklist that will ensure their move is smooth and less stressful every step of the way.

Item #1 – Begin by Packing Away Important Documents

The first item on your moving checklist should be to ensure all important documents are securely prepared for your move. Some of these items include:

  • Banking records including copies of your bank statements, important contact information of banking representatives, account numbers, passwords and any other documents for any bank accounts you currently have or have had in the past five years.
  • Retirement / Social Security information; make sure all important documents about your social security or retirement accounts are kept in the same place as any banking records.
  • Any legal documents including power of attorney, living wills, trust account information or tax documents.
  • Ancillary Personal Records including birth certificates, military records, passports, educational paperwork and other critical items that can’t be replaced or easily accessed online.

Once you’ve gathered all of these important files, create a safe and secure location for them such as a briefcase with a combination lock or keep them in a bank safety deposit box. This is important to accomplish first since it’s very common for people to misplace these documents during a move.

Item #2 – Create the Moving List

The second item on any moving checklist is to actually create a moving checklist. This is where you’ll plan every aspect of your move including several individual steps as noted below:

  • What is the time schedule for moving? Find out what timetable exists to complete your move, and then you can create a time-sensitive check list that is appropriate for this length of time.
  • Get estimates from three different moving companies or individual sources. Take a few days prior to your move to plan exactly how you are going to move all of your possessions from your existing home to your new retirement community on Cape Cod.
  • Create a plan of comparing your new home to your existing home. This will permit you to streamline the process of moving by having a good plan of what can be taken with you and what needs to stay behind.
  • Make a plan for moving your pets (if applicable). It’s important to have a good plan to accommodate the needs of your special little family members.
  • Schedule your utility changes. You’ll need to notify the local utility companies (water, power, sewage, disposal, gas) of your intent of moving to close your accounts. But, you’ll also want to check with your new Cape Cod retirement community to see what is needed for you to establish new accounts.
  • Prepare change of address forms. Some of the individual items that you’ll need to complete include Driver’s License information, Vehicle Registration, Internal Revenue Service contact, cell phone accounts, credit card and banking accounts.

When you start with these two primary items, making the move to any new retirement community on Cape Cod becomes much easier – and much less stressful. The most important step when planning to move anywhere is to create a list that is specific to your individual needs and situation. Take time, ask for help from trusted family members and friends and your move will become a breeze.