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The Importance of Staying Fit After 55

Some people have been fit and active all of their life, meaning that moving into one of the retirement communities in MA, such as Southport, simply offers more opportunities to remain active. For others, physical activities haven’t been a priority and the weight has started to build up, along with the aches and pains. Fortunately, […]

Stay Fit to Make the Most of Your Senior Years

55+ communities in Massachusetts

January brings about plenty of resolutions to get fit and be more active. In some ways, retirement brings about the same determination to make changes for the better and try new things. There’s fresh potential waiting for you if you just reach out and embrace it. With Southport, a sought-after Massachusetts retirement community, you can […]

The Best Retirement Tips from Financial Planners

All too often, people don’t think to turn to a financial planner for advice, worried that they don’t have enough money to bother or just not realizing the wide-ranging help planners can provide. In reality, there’s no reason not to turn to a financial planner, whether you’re just getting started or getting close to choosing […]

Advantages of a Maintenance-free Community During the Holidays

One of the many reasons people choose one of the over 55 communities in MA is the convenience that these environments provide. To complement the on-site entertainment, education, and fitness opportunities, communities like Southport take care of maintenance in every season. During the winter holiday months, this comes in particularly handy. Massachusetts is known for […]

Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

The opportunity to spend time with your family is one of the reasons Thanksgiving is so popular. Plus, there’s the added bonus of a special meal, football, and some shopping. If you live in one of the over 55 communities in MA and relish this chance to be with your family, some careful planning and […]