Cape Cod Spring Gardening Tips

Southport on Cape Cod is the best active adult community in MA thanks to the great homes, beautiful grounds, access to a wealth of amenities, and a friendly community. While the actual yard maintenance is taken care of for the homeowners, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the joys of gardening. Southport has an active gardening club so you can share your knowledge and pick up new tips. Here are some basic gardening tips to get you started this spring.

Even if your gardening is limited to houseplants, there are things to do to keep them healthy and an attractive addition to your home. March is a great time to repot your houseplants and start fertilizing them.

If you do like to get outdoors and grow your own garden, Southport does permit some gardening around your home subject to Association approval. Now is the time to get your garden ready for another blooming season. Start by trimming your perennials back to the ground and gently press down any perennials that have been pushed up due to winter frost and thawing. You also need to check any spring flowering bulbs by removing any debris that might be covering them and also making sure they are all below ground.

If you’re planting from seeds, make sure your pots and trays are clean and prepared. Start your seeds six to eight weeks before the last expected frost date to ensure proper growth and development. While you wait for your seeds to develop, give your garden a pop of color by planting some pansies and violas. They’re a great way to welcome spring.

One of the things that makes Southport the best active adult community in MA is the great sense of community. That is fostered by the many groups and activities available in the community, including the gardening club. So whether you’re an old hand or a novice to gardening, join this group of energetic home owners and give your own special green touch to your home.